About Chasity aka LiL C

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It all started when…

Chasity aka LiL C, the owner and founder of Lil C’s Bubble Tea, moved to Colorado Springs from Atlanta, Georgia in September 2018. With Atlanta being known as a diverse melting pot with people from all over the globe, LiL C was introduced to various cultures and got to enjoy sensational cuisines. Her love of exploring new food and drinks helped motivate her to open up to her adventurous spirit and begin traveling the world solo. 

After a month abroad and visiting several breathtaking countries, LiL C fell in love with an up and coming favorite, the Boba (Bubble) Tea. With so many possible combinations and flavors, she became focused on bringing a new twist to the drink here in Colorado Springs. Lil C’s Bubble Tea is a woman owned small business that serves up marvelous drinks and treats for the whole family to enjoy. Come in and experience all the bursting flavors Lil C’s Bubble Tea has to offer!